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About us

A diversified Health & Safety solutions provider focused on streamlining onboarding, enhancing safety learning and managing HSE compliance for Corporates, Contractors and their employees.

Our Vision:

Creating a no harm culture for generations to come

Our Purpose:

We support all stakeholders to ensure Commitment, Competence and Compliance across their safety value chain.

Our Values:

  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

KBC’s 3 C Model: Commitment, Competence, Compliance

Our 3 C’s approach prioritises Commitment, Competence, and Compliance in our business practice, and across the safety value chain for all participants. We apply a holistic approach to support health and safety management in the mining and other high-risk industries.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves in the provision of solutions that reflect our values, the culture of continual quality improvement, and the philosophy of getting things “right the first time”.

Our ethos extends to the enhancement of the skills of management and employees through review and ongoing development.

All organisations are required to demonstrate a strong commitment to safety through continuous improvement. By ensuring safety is intrinsic to the organisation, the necessary behaviours to support a culture of safety will be instilled. We participate in this journey through the development, delivery and continual improvement of our solutions to meet our clients’ operational requirements.

Compliance to Statutory and Regulatory requirements

KBC’s success is underpinned by decades of conducting business within a strict moral and ethical framework. With our multiple certifications and accreditations, we demonstrate international best practices as we guide organisations to achieve a sustainable safety cycle through navigation of applicable laws and regulations, and the development of operational compliance strategies which will continuously engage and empower the workforce to apply optimised safety practices.

Competence in Operational Risk Management

To aim for the highest standard in health and safety, organisations are required to have highly competent teams who are skilled in managing and mitigating operational risk.

Critical to this success is the application of risk-based thinking in the implementation of policies and procedures that align to industry-specific standards, and the implementation and ongoing monitoring of the relevant Management Systems.

Our expertise in delivering customised Operational Risk Management Programmes will assist in achieving sustainable behavioural change throughout the organisation.