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SHEQ Management Systems

KBC Develops Systems That Protect

Our tailored SHEQ Management Systems are precision-engineered and encompass the development, implementation, and maintenance for optimal safety management across diverse organisational structures and operational requirements.

Gap Analysis:

A Risk-Free Approach to SHEQ Compliance

A detailed evaluation of current operational practices against legislative benchmarks.

Risk Assessment:

Proactive Hazard Management

Our comprehensive Risk Assessment process identifies and evaluates potential workplace hazards. We focus on implementing control measures to ensure the health and safety of all employees and contractors.

Safety File Services:

Customised for Your Needs

Specialising in Safety File compilation and maintenance, KBC aligns with both OSH and MHS Acts including Red Files and Operational Files.


Aligned with Industry Leaders

Our compliance training programmes are accredited/aligned to the relevant unit standards ensuring accurate outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Industry-Specific Compliance Training:

Comprehensive Training for Tomorrow’s Safety Leaders

Offering a range of compliance training courses, we educate delegates on legislative and regulatory requirements. Our accredited or awareness training is available in various formats and is essential for high-risk industries. Successful delegates receive a relevant certificate indicating their compliance proficiency.

Training Matrices:

Competency Development

Identifying necessary competencies and training requirements relevant to the occupation, ensuring all employees and contractors are well-equipped and up-to-date with the latest compliance standards.

Bridging the Gap Between Legislation and Practice – Your SHEQ Management Partner

Are you ready to elevate your organisation’s safety standards and cultivate a no-harm culture? Contact us today and embark on a journey towards safety excellence.
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