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Operational Risk Management Programmes

KBC’s ORMP focuses on the following key areas:
  • Ensuring an understanding of terminology and operational risk management at all levels
  • Understanding your role in the risk management process
  • The tools and techniques used to assess and manage safety and health risks within the scope of the operation
  • Inspiring employees and contractors to take personal accountability for their safety
  • Fostering a safety culture
  • Practical application to reinforce and sustain the learnings

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    Operational Risk Management Programmes crucially rely on:

    Creates a shared understanding of risk management across all levels of the organisation, without which, sustainable behavioural change in workplace safety is not possible.
    Requires a cognitive shift which arises from alignment and motivates learners to apply their training in workplace scenarios.
    Learners are then able to apply their training in the workplace through gamification and fun, inspirational experiences.